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Let Us Help Your

Smoke Shop or Dispensary

Navigate the Galaxy, One Bud at a Time.

Fueling Your Business's Reach with our stellar delivery solutions.




Fellow Cosmic Pioneers in the realm of Cannabis!


TREVDELIVERZ extends an unparalleled opportunity for vendors and dispensaries to elevate their services to intergalactic heights for FREE.

Imagine offering your customers a seamless, out-of-this-world delivery experience without the hassle—our mission is to make it a reality!


How It Works:

1. Submission of Galactic Inventory:

You provide us with a list of your star-studded inventory and the corresponding prices.

2. Cosmic Transformation:

Watch as we meticulously upload your offerings onto our site, complete with vivid descriptions and captivating visuals.


The Cosmic Voyage:

Customer Orders:

When a customer places an order, our fleet sets off directly to you with cash in hand.

Purchase & Delivery:

We procure the products and swiftly deliver them to the awaiting customer.


Your Benefits:

ZERO Cost to You:

Our services come at NO expense to vendors or dispensaries. We sustain ourselves through a modest delivery/service fee.

Complete Discretion:

Your information remains guarded within the cosmic walls of TREVDELIVERZ. Absolute privacy is our commitment to you.


Legal Assurance:

NY Compliance:

We adhere rigorously to all NY safety and transportation guidelines for cannabis, ensuring legality and safety in every delivery.


Mutual Growth:

Cosmic Networking:

Introduce our customers to your diverse products, expanding your reach and customer base.

Collaborative Growth:

Our success thrives on your prosperity, creating a symbiotic relationship that propels the cannabis community to new celestial heights.


Secure Partnership:

Trust & Transparency:

We understand trust is earned, and we're dedicated to providing proof of invoices, orders, and any necessary assurances to build a foundation of trust.


Contact Us for Galactic Excellence:

Feel free to contact us anytime for further details or to embark on this cosmic journey together.

Let's cultivate an oasis of cannabis enlightenment, one delivery at a time.

Trust TREVDELIVERZ—for a galactic journey beyond the ordinary. 👽🌿



Reach out to commence our astronomical collaboration.

Let's embark on this journey together and ELEVATE your experience.

Contact Us Now!

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